Family Fame

Family Fame

Sherratt Family's many claims to fame is Obadiah Sherratt.  He is famous for his Staffordshire figurines.  He was born around 1775, most likely in England.  In 1797, he was married to  Ann Davenport at the church of Norton-in-the-moors. Ann died in 1810, and in the death registry, he was reported to be a potter in Burslem, England in 1810.  He was remarried to a 26 year-old widow named Martha Austin.  The trade directories of 1822-1823 record him as a "Master Potter Toy and Figurene Maker" in Hot Lane, Burslem.  In 1834, records show that he was still a potter, and the likely keeper of an Ale house in Burslem.  Obadiah's son Hamlet (1814-1863) took over the pottery sometime after 1834.  Hamlet turned it over to Martha, sometime between 1846 and 1851 after Obadiah's death.  By 1860, Martha is reported to have given up the business.

Our favorite Obadiah Sherratt pieces are Faith, Hope and Charity.  Jack Sherratt of Burlingame, California is the proud owner of a set of these Staffordshire figurines.  Here are a couple of pictures of Faith, Hope and Charity:

Color Photo:  This photo is a color photo of Jack Sherratt's figurines.

Book Image:  This black & white photo is taken from Malcom & Judith Hodkinson's book entitled "Sherratt?  A Natural Family of Staffordshire Figures", page 46.


The above information is credited to the book "Sherratt?  A Natural Family of Staffordshire Figures" by Malcom and Judith Hodkinson; ISBN 0 9517145 0 3; Published by Chisquare, 8 Chiswick Square W4 2QG; Printed by Hilary Press Limited, 75 Church Road, Hendon, London NW4 4DP, Great Britian.  This is an excellent resource for those wishing to study Obadiah Sherratt's many figures and contributions as a potter.